Feb 1, 2018

Yadavabhyudayam 14b -- Raas 02  #indianink #watercolour #krishnafortoday
The circle of the Raas by its fast movement appeared like a wheel. 
Krishna enters the yamuna to bless her too.

Jan 31, 2018

Yadavabhyudayam 14a - Raas Leela 01
#watercolour #indianink #SwamyDesika
Raas 01 - The Gopikas were overwhelmed with pride on their relationship with Krishna. Krishna disappears from their sight. (He was near but they couldn’t see him.) They lament their miserable plight. (Gopika geetham Sr.Bh.) They sing about the qualities of Krishna — It riverberated throughout the forest, carrying the fragrance of the upanishads. Krishna reappears — strengthening their devotion.

Jan 30, 2018

yadavabhyudayam 13 Govinda Pattabhishekam 
#watercolour #Krishnafortoday

The rain continued for seven days and nights without a stop. 
Krishna held the Goverdhana, unmoved.
A humbled Indra stops the rain and repents. 
Krishna replaces the hill in its original place. His friends check his palm and limbs to see whether he was hurt. It didn’t show any signs of fatigue.  
Indra extolls Krishna, “It is no wonder that you lifted the mountain - you sustain the whole world. 
I wish to anoint you as Govinda, although it has already been given to you in your Varaha avatar, when you retrieved the earth from the waters.”

Brahma sent Kamadhenu for the abhisheka of Krishna. Indra invoked the celestial Ganga. With her waters and the milk of Kamadhenu, he performed the Govinda Pattabhishekam. 

Jan 29, 2018

Yadavabhyudayam 12 (Swami Desika, 13 c.)

The gopas worshipped the god who appeared on Goverdhana who was none other than Krishna himself.
The clouds appeared as though Indra himself was mounted on the cloud with his bow and Vajra. The lightning danced to the thunder (drum) and the stormy wind (music).

He lifted the mountain with one hand playfully, and turned it upside down -- It seemed like a huge umbrella was supported by a staff (his arm).  Half the arrogance of Indra was subdued. 

The sandal paste applied on his arms looked as though the snake Anantha, was holding the earth with his five hoods.  
The sages meditating on the trees were also upside down, engrossed in their contemplation. Life was going on as usual as Krishna asked the cowherds to occupy the caves in the mountain. The cows were grazing. 

Krishna, holding Goverdhana, looked like he was holding his discus, Sudarshana -- the waterfalls in the mountain looking like the spokes of the discuss. The water flowing down the mountain looked like pearls decorating the umbrella. 

While the cowherds enjoyed the rain feeling protected by Krishna, the gopikas wished that the rain wouldn’t stop - they enjoyed the company of Krishna uninterrupted.

Jan 28, 2018

Yadavabhyudayam 11 - Kalia  
1. Kaliya looked like Krishna’s footrest, made of sapphire studded with ruby (the red eyes of Kaliya). 
2. Krishna danced on the five heads of Kalia, subduing the five senses — when the mind dances with ecstacy of the love for Krishna (with his grace) it is at peace.  

Jan 27, 2018

Yadavabhyudayam 10 - Krishna returns from the forest in the evening, guiding the cattle home. Covered with dust, the evening sun played with shadows on his person. The gopikas thought it was  Kamadeva marching with his army.

Jan 26, 2018

Yadavabhyudayam 09: #watercolour #KrishnaforToday Krishna takes away the clothes to help cast away one's  vasanas.  The gopis bathe in Krishnaanubhava. But he wants them to discard their identification with the body. They come out with folded hands, in total surrender. Krishna hands back new clothes, devoid of any remnants of the vasanas.  When this realization dawns, with his grace, one is released from the cycle of births.