Apr 26, 2017

The forest provides ornaments to Gopala, whose mischief is a magical charm for the gopikas. #gopalavimshati 17 #KFT 

Apr 25, 2017

Gopala vimshati 14: Gopis clap, bangles jingle, to the rhythm of the meritorious flute. #KFT 

Apr 24, 2017

KAjal Krishna, the Jyothi, plays the flute to the accompaniment of the bangle percussions. #Gopalavimshati 15 #KFT

Apr 23, 2017

"Krishna, the sun to the love-stricken Gopis, is etched in my heart" -Gopala vimshati 14. #krishnafortoday 

Apr 22, 2017

Gopis pine for that indescribable beauty, always adorned by Lakshmi on his chest. #Gopalavimshati #KFT

Apr 21, 2017

'Let your side-glance, the lotus from the waters of mercy, protect me' -Desika (Gopala vimshati 11) #krishnafortoday 

Apr 20, 2017

"Oh! For unblinking eyes to drink the beauty forever-- the senses go mad!" Gopala vimshati 09 #krishnafortoday